Management Consulting & Advisory Services

The management consultation and advisory services segment of our practice is related to the other segments and can result in accounting, auditing, and tax-related projects. These include special purpose audits and engagements, including performance/operational audits, audits verifying compliance with contractual agreements, special investigations, application of agreed upon procedures to one or more specific elements of a financial statement, and offering expert testimony in regulatory, legal or other appropriate proceedings.

Other projects can be categorized as assistance to clients in terms of general, financial, computerized systems, human resources, and manufacturing management. These services result in our recommending company policies and procedures or reviewing those policies and procedures in place and offering suggestions for improvement. Additionally, we provide client assistance as it relates to the hiring and training of accounting and internal audit personnel. As we perform all of these assignments, we have the ultimate goal of assuring that management's objectives are met at a cost/benefit ratio most advantageous to our clients.